Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why does the chicken cross the road? I don't know. That joke doesn't make any sense. I did see a chicken crossing a road, though. The highway to be exact. Any street here could be a highway. The people all drive so fast! I doubt the chicken made it across.
That happened on my way up to Sukhothai from Bangkok, where I had orientations for 5 days. Bangkok is such a big city! It was really amazing. We were staying in a community college dorm complex, and we almost never left the hotel. Except when we were going to the gas station or the little "field trip" to the reclining Buddha and the Grand palace.
No offense to the DC orientation, but the one in Bangkok was the most fun orientation i've ever had in YES Abroad/ AFS. There were about 150 students there from all around the world. Mostly Italy, Germany, and the United Sates. Every morning when we all met together we would sing songs and play games to energize us (which we all needed. especially me. I seriously fell asleep during half of my sessions) and everyone in AFS Thailand was so funny! There was this one kid named Kukoo (which I thought was a very fitting name) and he lead us every time in singing "When AFS goes marching in" which is the same as "when the saints go marching in, but it's AFS instead. For those of you who don't know what AFS is, it's the American Field Service, an organization that promotes intercultural learning through student exchange. It's pretty awesome.
The food there was pretty good. But we ate ALL THE TIME. Seriously. I dont know how Thai people handle it. They're all so skinny. We would have breakfast at 7.30 or 8. Then a break snack 90 minutes later, then lunch in another 90 minutes followed 2 hours later by yet another snack and dinner would be at 6. And people think Americans eat a ton.. It might not have been so bad if we didnt eat rice with every meal. You seriously do not get hungry for like 10 hours when you eat rice.
Another food thing that was hard to get used to was how they hold utensils. you hold the spoon in your right hand and the fork in your left and use the fork to push food onto the spoon. It takes some time getting used to it.
But what takes the most time is the humidity. 85 degrees has never felt so hot. when we first got out of the airport it was like a punch in the face. More like a pie in the face. Or jello to the whole body. The air makes you so sticky! and all your clothes stick to you. I guess thats what happens when you're sticky.. But really. The air feels so thick! all i ever want to do is sit in my air conditioned room and sleep.
Which brings me to sleeping. In the last week (almost 2!!) that I've been away, I've slept enough to make up for all those 4 hour nights. I sleep for at least 8 hours every night, and nap for at least 2 during the day, and i'm still tired when it's 8.30 and time for bed again. It's ridiculous. And I didn't even sleep on my 14 hour plane. Course I wasn't tired then.. I also slept the whole 6 hour drive from Bangkok up to here.
Sukhothai is a tiny city! at least all that i've seen of it is. i Live about 10 kilometers away from school. I haven't gone yet though. I start on thursday. I did get my uniform though! Its a white button up shirt with my nickname & the name of my school engraved on it and a blue skirt that goes below the knee. I really hope my school is air conditioned.
Oh! one more thing! And i'm sorry this is all really scattered.. I was going to try to organize my thought a little better but since when have I been organized? Anyway. on our second to last day in Bangkok we drove for about 2 hours into town and visited to US embassy. Then, we walked around the grand palace (SO AMAZING!!) and saw the reclining Buddha. I can't even imagine how long it must've taken to build those. Absolutely incredible. And I can't figure out how to put my pictures on the computer so i'll ask my host brother and post those later. Oh, and we also got thai massage :) Half an hour for only $8. thailand is wonderful.
Today is cooler and it rained this morning. I think later we're going to watch my host sis play basketball.
Once again I promise to have a more fluid post next time and i'm sorry this one's lame and doesnt make sense!! I'll write again soon!!